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We’re not eco-warriors! We’re electricians, doing our bit for a cleaner, sustainable world… while saving our customers money.

The world is changing fast. Political turmoil has sent energy prices soaring, while technology and regulations usher in new ways of living. Fossil fuels will meet their end, along with petrol vehicles…

“Sustainable” is the only watchword as we look to the future.

I’m Anthony Dixey, founder of ECOnomy Energy Group, and we’ll be here as you switch across to this “new normal”. Whether that means solar energy, electric vehicle charging or upgrading your business electricals for safety and efficiency.

Maybe you’re embracing the change - seizing the chance to save the planet and cut back on your spending? Or maybe you’re a reluctant convert, giving up your diesel car to avoid the penalty zones? Either way, it’s our job to make it a painless transition and make sure you see the full benefit of these green innovations.

We’ve been here since 2014, and I’ve been a “spark” since long before that. In all that time, we’ve been driven by safety, compliance and ethical customer service. And more recently, with electricals leading the environmental charge, we’ve gone all in – using our skills and years of experience to build that brighter future.

If you’re ready to see how much you can save – at home, at work or on the road – then please get in touch. Our award-winning customer service team is waiting for your call.

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About Us

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