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First, congratulations! You've taken your foot off the gas and switched to a cleaner, cost-friendly alternative. No more paying at the pump - you'll save a small fortune on fuel, as well as doing your bit for the future of our planet.

First though, practicalities. You'll need a reliable home EV charger to suit your budget, home routine, and your charging space. There's a lot to talk about...


An EV charger will save you money every month. And the upfront cost needn’t set you back - there are models for all budgets, and monthly payment plans. Plus most models can schedule charge times, so you can plug in overnight and keep it running off-peak.


Every model has its own superpowers. Like rapid charging, solar hook-up, and remote scheduling through an app – or even Alexa! So you can keep it simple with a basic stop/start charge, or use the full set of tools for your convenience. You decide.


Yes, style matters! Your EV charger is part of your home - it’s adding value to your property – so you can’t ignore the design side. Choose from sleek, modern designs that add some kerb appeal, or minimalist models that blend into the background.
EV Chargers for Home

Find your perfect charger

Every electric vehicle charger is different. Some are easier, some are smarter, more stylish or affordable. Take a look at this popular range and find a model that feels right for you.


Free Video Survey

We’ll check out the space through your mobile and ask a few questions. Then help you choose the best charger - and confirm a price.

Fast Installation

Our accredited EV installers will fit you in quickly, and get straight to work – fitting your charger in one day, with no mess left behind.

Award-Winning Service

We take pains to get it right first time, so problems are not expected. But if you need us, we’ll always be here and ready to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate my EV charger?

Most chargers can be controlled via a simple mobile app. It’s easy to check your battery status and energy costs, and to schedule a charge – so you can plug in when you come home in the evening, and start the charge when the lower tariff kicks in overnight.

Most apps will also alert you if a fault occurs and remind you when it’s time for a routine maintenance check. You don’t need to be technically-minded, as they’re all user-friendly.

Is my home suitable for an EV charger?

If you have a private driveway, the answer is almost certainly yes – all you need is a reliable power supply. If you park on a road, you may need to rely on commercial charging points until your local authority installs chargers on your street. But technology is changing all the time, with many vehicle manufacturers investing in wireless charging. We’re keeping a close eye on this, and we’ll keep you informed…
How much will it cost to charge my vehicle?

Much less than a tank of petrol or a charge from a public chargepoint! But there’s no hard and fast figure, as it depends on your charger type, battery size, electricity tariff, charging speed, schedule and more.

As a broad example - with a typical overnight rate of 32p per kWh, an EV with a battery range of 200 miles can be charged for less than £20. But you’d pay more for a fast charge or daytime charge. It’s all about planning your charge times.

Can I use solar power to charge my electric vehicle?

Yes – there are chargers designed for solar connectivity, like Hypervolt, Project EV and Zappi. Speaking of which, we can also supply solar panels to give you a complete green energy solution – powering your home and your car from the natural rays of the sun.

This is an extremely cost-effective solution, and there are ways to maximise your savings – but every home is different, so talk to us and we’ll tell you more.

Can I charge different electric vehicles with the same charger?

Yes, a good EV charger will work with most makes and models. But check with us for compatibility, just to be sure.

Can I charge several vehicles at once?

Yes, there are models that allow for multi-charging. For example, the Project EV charger can connect up to three cars at a time. It’s also compatible with solar energy, making it an ideal option for the larger household with plenty of roof space.

Our promise to you...

There are so many chargers to choose from, and they all suit different people for different reasons. So we’ll consider your charging space, your vehicle, your lifestyle, household and more, and recommend a charger that will meet your personal needs.

We don’t sell here – we advise. Let’s see what’s right for you…
Anthony Dixey
Managing Director

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