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Whether you’re powering cars, vans or trucks – a single vehicle or a whole fleet – you need fast, reliable charging stations on your commercial estate.

The question is where to start. With so many charging models and constant new innovations, how do you choose the right chargers for your business today – with scope to adapt your charging space as your fleet expands?

Talk to us and we’ll devise your charging plan together, taking account of all the essentials:


There’s more to it than speed. The best commercial chargers offer real-time monitoring to track your energy use and keep tabs on your fleet. Plus added security to guard against misuse, and options to charge multiple vehicles from a single chargepoint.


Equipment, installation, maintenance and charging – it all has to balance out in your business case. So we’ll discuss your priorities and offer you a package that delivers the most savings – without compromising your long-term efficiency.


No doubt you’ll have a green agenda, driven by CSR or compliance. So we’ll make sure your charging plan meets required standards, including ways to power your fleet through solar energy - multiplying your savings and your impact all at once.

Custom Solution

It all starts with a survey. We’ll inspect your site, your energy sources and electric vehicles, then devise a bespoke charging plan to meet all your priorities.

Seamless Installation

Our CHAS-accredited team will supply the work detail and full risk assessment, then install your chargers on schedule - with minimal disruption.

Continuous Support

We’ll monitor your system and respond to any issues through an annual care package, backed by an award-winning customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many chargepoints will we need?

If you have a fleet of electric vehicles, you probably won’t charge everything at once. But overlap is inevitable, so we’d advise one chargepoint for every two or three vehicles. (Or less if you choose a charger with dual or triple outlets, like Project EV – then you can charge multiple vehicles from a single point).

How do we prevent tampering or misuse?

Most commercial EV chargers come with enhanced security, like locking mechanisms that prevent disconnection of tethered or untethered cables. Some offer passcode access too, so that personal vehicles can’t be charged from the company’s power supply.

How will we track power consumption?

Your chargepoints are controlled by an app that will report your charging history. So power usage can be allocated to individual cost centres – as with old-fashioned fuel cards.

Are commercial EV chargers compatible with solar power?

Some are, some are not. If you already have solar panels installed, we’ll recommend a charger that will take its power from solar or grid energy, whichever is in use.

If you’re thinking of installing solar panels for your business, talk to us. We can take care of everything as a single project.

What’s the ROI on a commercial EV charger?

Some businesses make their money back in a matter of weeks or months, as it’s a relatively small outlay that brings significant savings. Your ROI will depend on the spec of your chargepoints, your business energy tariff, your fleet size and typical mileage – but you can be sure it’s a sound investment. We’ll go through the numbers when we know more.

Do we need to upgrade our electrical capacity?

Possibly – that’s something we’ll look into when we visit you on site. As commercial electricians, we’ll check your electrical panels to see if the chargers risk overloading your system. Then if needed, we can manage the upgrade as part of our installation.

Is there funding available?

The UK government’s Workplace Charging Scheme may cover up to 75% of the total cost – equipment and installation. When we meet, we can discuss your eligibility under this scheme, and other funding options.

Our promise to you...

You need a charging system for the business you are now, and the business you’ll become. So we won’t sell you a short-term fix that risks becoming obsolete as your business grows. We’ll consider your future direction and build it into our plan, without frontloading the cost.

We’re here to work with you for the long term.
Anthony Dixey
Managing Director

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