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Zappi EV Charger

The Myenergi Zappi V2.1 is an eco-smart charger offering different charging modes. Zappi allows you to utilise 100% green energy generated by your Solar PV or wind generation – you can also charge straight from the grid. If your looking to future-proof your home, then Zappi is the charger for you.

Key Features

With an efficient load management solution, no required earth rod and compatible with both solar and wind charging solutions, the MyEnergi Zappi v2.1 is a fantastic solution for any household.

  • Connections

    Universal socket or 6.5m tethered lead
  • Fast Charging

    Available in 7kW (Domestic) or 22kW (Commercial)
  • Charging Options

    Three charging modes available – eco, eco+ and fast
  • Compatibility

    Compatible with Solar and Wind
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Zappi EV Charger

Why Choose MyEnergi Zappi v2.1?

The best home charger for solar integration. The Myenergi Zappi 2.0 is one of the best-selling EV charge points on the market, and it's easy to understand why. Available tethered or untethered, the unit comes in a choice of stylish black or white colours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lock this charger?

Yes. The Zappi can be locked from unauthorised operation. The lock function requires a PIN number to be entered before the unit can be operated and/or a charge is allowed.

Do I need solar panels for the Zappi to work?

Not at all. Zappi can work as a stand-alone 7kW or 22kW charger. Although, it does have features that make it compatible with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

What is the minimum charging level on the Zappi?

1 phase charging range is 1.4kW – 7kW 3 phase charging range is 4.1kW-22kW.

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