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ICS Charger

The ICS charging range provides complete, reliable, and future proof EV charging stations. ICS is a smart charger with the intelligent load management feature among with numerous other accessories.

Key Features

  • An All Rounder

    Suitable for all vehicles
  • Power Options

    Available in 7kW (Domestic) or 22kW (Commercial)
  • Connections

    Tethered or untethered
  • Always Ready to Go

    Smart software
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ICS Charger

Why Choose ICS?

iCS provides a complete ‘all in one smart and long-term OZEV-approved Electric Vehicle charging solutions. iCS charge points differ from competitors on the market as there is no need to add earth rods, surge protection, or communication hubs, creating a convenient one-box solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ICS chargers suitable for my vehicle?

Yes, to ensure maximum functionality, iCS Electric Vehicle chargers are compatible with all Electric and Plug in hybrid vehicles currently on the UK market.

Does the ICS charger have smart software?

Yes. Along with numerous accessories and market-leading software management system iCS2.0, it provides a truly intelligent, interoperable, and functional Electric Vehicle charging solution.

Are the ICS chargers able to supply home and workplace charging?

Yes. The ICS chargers are available is 7kW and 22kW charging options – making this the perfect option for home, workplace and destination charging.

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