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Sevadis Maxicharger

The MaxiCharger with LCD Screen three-phase EV charging point offers 11/22kW fast charging via its universal Type 2 socket. This smart EV charging point is
complete with a 5-inch LCD touchscreen, enabling drivers to understand real-time EV charging behaviour and data.

Key Features

The MaxiCharger with LCD Screen offers three-phase, super-fast charging at 11kW and/or 22kW; enabling electric vehicle drivers to recharge their vehicles whilst at their workplace or public destination, ready for the electrified journey. Available in a wall-mounted solution, or the popular MaxiCharger Pillar (1way, 2way, 3way and 4way options), the MaxiCharger with LCD Screen is suitable for all locations and electric vehicle charging requirements.

  • Fast Charging

    Commercial 22kW charger
  • Protected

    PME Fault Detection incorporated within the charge point
  • Continuously Updated

    Updates completed via App or Web Portal
  • Charger Option

    Untethered only
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Sevadis Maxicharger

Why choose Sevadis?

With built-in PME fault detection, static load management and dynamic load balancing capabilities, as well as smart functionalities, the MaxiCharger LCD three-phase EV charging point provides a feature-rich solution for commercial requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect the charger to the app?

After downloading the Autel MaxiCharger App, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login with your mobile phone number or email, if you don't have an account yet, you can easily register from the APP.
  2. To bind the charger, simply scan the QR code on the Quick Reference Guide.
  3. After binding, you can choose to connect with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, or an internet cable.
  4. Tap Start on the Charge screen to start a charge session. The Charge screen will display.
  5. Click Stop to stop charging.
Can the charger be bound to multiple users at one time?

Each charger can only be bound by one user at a time. In order to bind the charger, you need to enter your charger's SN and PIN on the APP. Only users who are bound to the charger can connect to it through Bluetooth. After binding the charger, it can also be unbound. After unbinding, the charger can be bound by others.

How do I prevent other people using the QR code that is on my charger?

Binding the charger requires the MaxiCharger's SN (Serial Number) + PIN. The QR code on the device only contains its SN. Only the QR code on the Quick Guide contains SN + PIN

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